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Los Hijos De La Malinche is a creative strategic communication agency based in Mexico City. Los hijos de la Malinche is renowned for its work in the entertainment industry, public policy, electoral campaigns, NGO’s and the private sector. Many international brands look to Los Hijos De La Malinche when seeking to create a meaningful impact in the LATAM region.

Los hijos de la Malinche have worked doing strategic communication for companies such as Netflix, Amazon, Wieden+Kennedy, Enchufe TV, Banorte, Waze, Participant etc...What makes Los hijos de la Malinche so unique is its strategic and holistic approach to communications; constructing effective and meaningful tactics through their trademark methodology, while at the same time, always looking to create positive social impact with their work.

The company was in charge of strategy and communications in Latin America for Alfonso Cuaron's ROMA, for which it won several awards. The campaign was hugely successful not only in driving audiences to see the film but in creating a profound social impact for domestic workers in the region. Like Cuaron many of the region’s biggest talents work directly with Los hijos de la Malinche in their different projects and launchings, including Alfonso Cuaron, Michel Franco, David Linde, Alondra de la Parra, Luis Mandoki, Elisa Carrillo, Lorenzo Vigas and Simon Bros among many others.

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